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Funkymix 1-10

Funkymix 1

Bobby Brown – Every Little Step & Don’t Be Cruel (Funkymix)
Kid ‘N’ Play – Rollin’ With Kid ‘N Play (Funkymix)
Milli Vanilli – Baby Don’t Forget My Number (Funkymix)
Neneh Cherry & Malcolm McLaren – The Buffalo Mix (Funkymix)
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock – Rob’s Base Mix (Funkymix)
Soul II Soul (Feat. Caron Wheeler) – Keep On Movin’ (Funkymix)
The 2 Live Crew & Trouble Funk – The Bomb Has Dropped (Funkymix)
Tone Loc – Funky Cold Medina (Funkymix)

Funkymix 2

Alyson Williams – 5. Raw (Funkymix by Darrin Rich)
Bobby Brown – 3. On Our Own (Funkymix by Rob Harvey)
Carol Davis – 7. Serious Money (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
D’atra Hicks – 10. Sweet Talk (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
D-Mob – 2. It’s Time To Get Funky (Funkymix by Roy McLeod)
Kristine – 4. All I Need Is Your Love (Funkymix by Darrin Rich)
MC Luscious – 6. I Got Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend (Funkymix by Les Massengale)
Public Enemy – 8. Fight The Power (Funkymix by Darrin Rich)
The Get Funky Crew – 9. Shake Them Titties (Funkymix by Rob Harvey)
Young MC – 11. Bust A Move (Funkymix by Roonie G.)

Funkymix 3

Chunky A – OWWW (Funkymix by Darrin Rich)
Coldcut – Stop This Crazy Thing (Funkymix by Darrin Rich)
Freestyle – In Your Face (Funkymix by Rob Harvey)
KYZE – Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body) (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Michelle’ – No More Lies (Funkymix by Roy McLeod)
Neneh Cherry – Heart (Funkymix by Roy McLeod)
Rob Base – Turn It Out (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
Salt-n-Pepa – Expression (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
Sample C – Get Down (Funkymix by Rob Harvey)
Seduction – Two To Make It Right (Funkymix by Roy McLeod)
The 2 Live Crew – The 2 Live Crew Mix (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)

Funkymix 4

– Crazy 4-U (Funkymix by John Bichao Jr
2 Live Crew – If You Believe In Having Sex (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle & Roonie G.
Bel Biv Devoe – Poison (Funkymix by Roy McLeod)
Glenn Mederios f. Bobby Brown – She Ain’t Worth It (Funkymix by Coe Ramsey)
Ice MC – Easy (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
Klymaxx – Good Love (Funklymix by John Bichao Jr)
MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Michelle’ – Nicety (Pts 1 & 2) (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle & Rob Harvey)
Spunkadelic – Take Me Like I Am (Funkymix by Roy McLeod
Technotronic – Tough (Funkymix by Les Massengale)
The Crew – Get Dumb (Funkymix by Darrin Rich)

Funkymix 5

Alisha – Wrong Number (Funkymix by Roy McLeod)
Bel Biv DeVoe – Do Me! (Funkymix by Coe Ramsey)
Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe – The Masterplan (Funkymix by John Bichao Jr.)
DJ Magic Mike – M&M Gettin Off (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
Dynamixx II – Don’t Touch That Dial (Funkymix by Roy McLeod)
En Vogue – Lies (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle & John Bichao Jr.)
Stevie B – Love And Emotion (Funkymix by Roy McLeod)
The Party – Summer Vaction (Funkymix by Les Massengale)
The She Rockers – Do Dat Dance (Funkymix by Darrin Rich)
Tony! Toni! TonĂˆ! – Feels Good (Funkymix by Coe Ramsey)

Funkymix 6

Cathy Dennis – Just Another Dream (Funkymix by Darrin Rich)
Def Boys – Swing (Funkymix by John Bichao Jr.)
DNA Feat. Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner (Funkymix by Les Massengale)
J. J. Fad – We In The House (Funkymix by John Bichao Jr.)
Janet Jackson – Love Will Never Do (Funkymix by Darrin Rich)
Kyper – Conceited (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
MC Hammer – Pray (Funkymix by Roy McLeod)
Michelle – Keep Watchin’ (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
U.K. One f. Tia & Chantel – Yeah (Funkymix by Les Massengale)
Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)

Funkymix 7

Chubb Rock – Treat ‘Em Right (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Digital Underground – Same Song (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Joey B. Ellis & Tynetta Have – Go For It (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
King Tee – Diss You (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
M.C. Wildski – Warrior (Funkymix by Darrin Rich)
MC Hammer – Here Comes The Hammer (Funkymix by Rob Harvey)
Musto & Bones – Dangerous On The Dance Floor (Funkymix by Darrin Rich)
Schoolly-D – King Of New York (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Tara Kemp – Hold You Tight (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
The Cover Girls – Funk Boutique (Funkymix by Les Massengale)
Tracie Spencer – This House (Parts 1 & 2) (Funkymix by Coe Ramsey & Tim Robertson)

Funkymix 8

De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring
La Tour – People Are Still Having Sex
Malcolm McLaren – Romeo And Juliet
Mantronix – Step To Me
Nikki D – Daddy’s Little Girl
Samantha Fox – (Hurt Me! Hurt Me!) But The Pants Stay On
Scratchmaster Chuck T. – Jazzy Way
Sissy Penis Factory – Everybody Fuck Now
Tara Kemp – Piece Of My Heart
Various Artists – The 1990 Funkymix Medley (Part 1)

Funkymix 9

Culture Beat – No Deeper Meaning (Funkymix by Roy McLeod)
C’Vello – This Jam Is Cold (Funkymix by Coe Ramsey)
De La Soul – A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays (Funkymix by Tim Robertson & Coe Ramsey)
Heavy D & The Boyz – Now That We Found Love (Funkymix by Tim Robertson)
Naughty By Nature – OPP – (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
Oaktown 357 – Turn It Up (Funkymix by Tim Robertson)
Stereo MC’s – Elevate My Mind (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
The Real Milli Vanilli – Too Late (True Love) (Funkymix by Coe Ramsey)
Whitney Houston – My Name Is Not Susan (Funkymix by Rob Harvey)
Young MC – That’s The Way Love Goes (Funkymix by Roy McLeod)

Funkymix 10

2 Hyped Brothers & A Dog – Doo Doo Brown (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Bell Biv DeVoe – Word To The Mutha (Funkymix by Coe Ramsey)
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Ring My Bell (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Kid Panic & The Adventures Of Dean Dean – We Can Do This (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
P.M. Dawn – Set Adrift On Memory Bliss (Funkymix by Tim Robertson & Bradley D. Hinkle)
Public Enemy – Can’t Truss It (Funkymix by Les Massengale)
The 2 Live Crew – Pop That Pussy (Funkymix by Roonie G)
The Don – Big 12″ (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
Various Artists – 1990 Funkymix Medley – Part 2 (Funkymix by Roonie G)


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