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Funkymix 11-20

Funkymix 11

Arrested Developement – Tennesse (Funkymix by Tim Robertson)
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – You Saw My Blinker (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
DJ Magic Mike – The Magic Mike Medley (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
En Vogue – My Lovin’ (Funkymix by Coe Ramsey)
Get Fresh Girls) – Pump It Up (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
Joe Public – Live And Learn (Funkymmix by Roonie G.)
Mary J. Blige – You Remind Me (Funkymix by Lance Leake)
The Chill Deal Boyz – Make Ya Body Move (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle & Roonie G.)
TKA – Maria (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)

Funkymix 12

Arrested Development – People Everyday (Funkymix by Coe Ramsey)
Bobby Brown – Humpin’ Around (Funkymix by Les Massengale & Mark Roberts)
Father MC – Go Natalie (Funkymix by Les Massengale)
Full Force – Quickie (Funkymix by Tim Robertson)
Good 2 Go – He Thinks He All that (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
Hi Five//Mary J. Blige – She’s Playing Hard To Get/Real Love (Funkymix by Tim Robertson)
Luke – Breakdown (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
Stevie B. – Pump That Body (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Vanessa Williams – Work To Do (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
Zhigge – Toss It Up (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)

Funkymix 13

Digable Planets – Rebirth Of Slick
Dr. Dre Feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg – Nuthin But A “G” Thang
Duice / Repo Crew – The Dazzey Dukes Mix
Lords Of The Underground – Funky Child
MC Nas-D & DJ Freaky Fred – Gold Diggin’ Girls
Positive K – I Got A Man
R. Kelly & Public Announcement Feat. Mr. Lee – Hey Love
Snow – Informer
SWV – I’m So Into You
Tisha – Push
Young Black Teenagers – Tap The Bottle

Funkymix 14

Beat Dominator – 123456 Bass (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
Bitch – The Throwdown (Funkymix by Les Massengale)
Bobby Brown – That’s The Way Love Is (Funkymix by TIm Robetson)
Crazy Ivan – Mozart’s Revenge (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
Debbie Gibson – Losing Myself (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Monie Love – Born To B.R.E.E.D. (Funkymix by Coe Ramsey)
Neneh Cherry – Buddy -X (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
P.M. Dawn – Plastic (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
Run-D.M.C. – Down With The King (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Stylz & The J.I.Z. – Don’t Stop Shakin’ (Funkymix by Les Massengale)

Funkymix 15

1 Of The Girls – Do Da What (Funkymix by Les Massengale & Mark Roberts )
95 South – Whoot, There It Is (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
Dr. Dre – Dre Day (Funkymix by Rhythm Fanatic & Bradley D. Hinkle)
Duran Duran – Come Undone (Funkymix by Les Massengale & Mark Roberts)
Freedom Williams – Voice Of Freedom (Funkymix by Les Massengale)
Lords Of The Underground – Chief Rocka (Funkymix by Rhythm Fanatic & Bradley D. Hinkle)
Mary J. Blige – Love No Limit (Funkymix by Coe Ramsey)
Onyx – Slam (Funkymix by DJ Roach)
Tony! Toni! TonĂˆ! – If I Had No Loot (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
Various Artists – The Reggae Hip Hop Medley (Funkymix by Roonie G.)

Funkymix 16

95 South – Hump Wit It (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Boom ! Shake The Room (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
K7 – Come Baby Come (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
KRS-One – Outta Here (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Mariah Carey – Dreamlover (Funkymix by Tim Robertson)
Shakespear & The Lumberjack – Preacher’s Daughter (Funkymix by Les Massengale & Mark Roberts)
Stylz & The J.I.Z. – Party All Night (Funkymix by Tim Robertson)
SWV – Downtown (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Terri & Monica – Uh Huh (Funkymix by Rhythm Fanatic & Billy DeVour)
Tha Alkaholiks – Make Room (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
U.N.L.V. – Bone It (Funkymix by Les Massengale)UNLV

Funkymix 17

Arrested Development – Ease My Mind
Black Machine – How Gee
For Reel – You Don’t Wanna Miss
Hammer – Pumps And A Bump
Nate Dogg & Warren G. – Regulate
Outkast – Player’s Ball
Patra – Worker Man
Stakka Bo – Here We Go
Stylz & The J.I.Z. – Smack It Up
SWV – Anything
Xscape – Love On My Mind

Funkymix 18

69 Boys – Toostie Roll (Funkymix by Jason Wilmon)
Beastie Boys – The Beastie Boys Medley (Funkymix By Mark Roberts)
Blackstreet – Booti Call (Part 1 & 2) (Funkymix by Mark Roberts & Jason Wilmon)
Heavy D – Black Coffee (Funkymix by Mark Roberts & Coe Ramsey)
Ice Cube – Bop Gun (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
Public Enemy – Give It Up (Funkymix by Tim Robertson & Will Faircloth)
The Lady Of Rage – Afro Puffs (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
The Puppies – Funky Y-2-C (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
Warren G. & Doug E. Fresh – This DJ, La-Di-Da-Di ’94 (Funkymix by Tim Robertson & DJ 2nd Nature)

Funkymix 19

20 Fingers – Short Dick Man (XXX)
69 Boys – Kitty Kitty (Parts 1 & 2)
Afro-Rican – Get My Freak On
Craig Mack – Flavar In Ya Ear
Da Brat – Fa All Ya’ll, Dirty B-Side
Dr. Dre & Ed Lover – Back Off Me
Eric B. & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul ’95
Fuschinickens – Breakdown
Hammer ft. Deon Sanders – Straight To My Feet
Soul For Real – Candy Rain
Zhane’ – Shame

Funkymix 20

95 South – Rodeo (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
Beastie Boys – Root Down (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
Boyz II Men – Thank You (Funkymix by Roonie G.)
Capleton – Tour (Funkymix by Will Faircloth)
Da Brat – Give It To You (Funkymix by Will Faircloth)
Dis ‘N’ Dat – Freak Me Baby (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
DJ Smurf – Party People (Funkymix by Jason Willmon)
Dr. Dre – Keep Their Heads Ringing (Funkymix by Todd Shoaf)
Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It (Funkymix by Bradley D. Hinkle)
Roula & Max A Million & Gilette – SOS Medley (Funkymix by Tim Robertson)
The Notorious B.I.G. – Big Poppa (Funkymix by Mark Roberts)
Various Artists – Booty Medley (Funkymix by DJ 2nd Nature)


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